Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 9th- First!

So here it is- my first post of the year as a 31 year old! Wow- doesn't it look like I am 31? hah. Maybe 3 plus 1! I want to do the 365 Project, mostly because I keep promising to blog more- and I figure the best thing to get me talking is pictures!

So here's my thoughts on this picture- It's my 31st Birthday, not many birthdays have gone by where I do any HUGE celebrating... It's January 9th- and this usually means two things- 1) everyone is BROKE from Christmas, and 2) It's FREAKING cold outside and there's NO WAY I can have a beach party or a picnic party or anything fun like that- because its always COLD!

This year was fun, the roomies and I went and had a delicious Italian meal, good waitress, fun laughs, and dinner was wrapped up by a piece of FREE cake, and a lady came and sung Happy Birthday to me in Italian... and no- I dont mean the silly juvenille version of Happy Birthday, I mean- all out, Opera style, multi octave Happy Birthday! It was awesome! After dinner, we went over to the bar, I acted like a fool and had some more good laughs and I went to bed around 4AM the next day- what a fun time! Hooray 31!

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  1. Yay for your first post Lindsay!:) Happy Belated birthday by the way! My husband can totally feel your pain, his bday is 1/5.. No fun right?! Love the pic too haha!!! Glad you had a great bday!